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Best Air-purifying Plants

These are easy-to-care-for plants that look great and will purify your air.

SPIDER PLANT aka Chlorophytum comosum
​Best indoor location: In indirect light with humidity
Toxic to dogs/cats? NO

DRACAENA varieties: Red-edged dracaena, cornstalk dracaena, Janet Craig, Warneckei
Best indoor location: Brightly filtered light
Toxic to dogs/cats? YES

* easiest to care for * POTHOS aka DEVIL'S IVY aka Epipremnum aureum
Best indoor location: Bright but indirect light
Toxic to dogs/cats? YES

ALOE VERA aka Aloe barbadensis
Best indoor location: Bright, indirect light
Toxic to dogs/cats? YES

SNAKE PLANT aka Sansevieria trifasciata
Best indoor location: Indirect sunlight
Toxic to dogs/cats? YES

Source: NASA Clean Air Study 

- Julianne Robicheau