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Eco-Friendly Self-Care Habits

Looking to step up your sustainability while still making sure to enjoy some self care

Here's some tips:

Power of the Shower

  • Long showers are nice for you, but not for the environment. Cutting your shower time down + being more efficient with those minutes is a free + easy way to be more sustainable in your daily self-care. (Short showers are better for you skin anyway!) 2-5 minutes of running water should be enough to get all you need done. You can go a couple steps further by:
  • Using a timer to alert you when you should cut the water;
  • Turning the water off when you're sudsing your hair + bod or shaving;
  • Swapping your shower head for a low-flow version; and
  • Placing a bucket on your tub/shower floor and using that water to water your plants!

Bath Time Bummer
If you're using a low-flow shower head, there's a high chance taking a bath is more wasteful. For those of us (ME!) who love long baths with natural soaks (oh, hi, Bathorium), this comes as sad news. There are a few things you can do, though. Cut down on how many baths you take; don't fill the tub to the max; re-use the water (do a quick Google search: "reuse grey water" for more info). This might be the best solution for bath lovers.

Bamboo Brushers

It's oh so simple to switch from a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one. How to: when it's time to toss your bamboo toothbrush, simply pry the plastic bristles with pliers (it's trash, but at least it's not the whole toothbrush!). Then you can either reuse the handle (one cool way is to use them as herb plant markers).

Daily dry brushing is fantastic for your lymphatic system and for keeping your skin nice and soft thanks to the gentle exfoliation. It's an excellent way to start your day and only takes a few minutes. Brush pre-shower for best results.

Scrapping Single Use
Single use razors? Bye! Single use cotton pads? Bye! When you look at your daily routine, what disposable items can you ditch? Menstrual cups, safety razors, reusable cotton rounds, etc. These are just a few things that replace wasteful, everyday items.

Multi-purpose + Package-free
Multi-purpose products are fantastic at cutting down packaging waste. For example, most of the shampoos we carry double as body washes. And when you refill them at our shop in Toronto, you're being even more sustainable! Package-less items like shampoo bars are excellent examples of zero waste products.

What are you favourite ways to be more sustainable with self-care?

- Julianne Robicheau

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