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Little Victories: Garbage Duty

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have caught this morning's insta story about picking up garbage on my morning walk. For most eco-conscious people, this is a no brainer. Most of you probably pick up after other people on the regular.

I usually don't. It crosses my mind, but somehow I never get to doing it. My partner, on the other hand, has often cleaned up our neighbourhood playground (even bringing a leaf blower along to move all the little bits of broken glass to one side for easy clean up).

So, why don't I take part? It's a mix of:
a) feeling angry that I have to pick up someone else's garbage...people who don't respect the environment and their fellow human beings. (this anger blinded me from realizing that picking up their garbage shows how caring I am.)
b) not being prepared with a bag and gloves (because, let's be real, eww!)
c) not always being conscious... or kind of brushing it aside.

But, I'm trying to change this. EVERY SUSTAINABLE STEP MATTERS.

This morning as I was walking around my (luckily, almost litterless!) neighbourhood, I found a plastic bag in my stroller and started plucking up coffee cups, ziplock bags and cigarette cartons off the ground. This was my green victory of the day. Yes, that's a No Frills bag that I found in my stroller (probably from a few years ago). What do you use when you pick up (other people's) garbage? I need a better solution!

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- Julianne Robicheau

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