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Reduce Plastic Waste in the Kitchen

Creating the perfect low plastic waste kitchen may take some time and re-configuring, but it's worth it. And once you've mastered it, you'll feel so proud of yourself! (And your kitchen will look much more organized and cohesive).

It's really hard to avoid buying packaged food. It may be the #1 challenge in doing a plastic-free kitchen. So don't be too hard on yourself- baby steps! A great first start is to buy as much as you can in the bulk section of your store. That covers most dry pantry items, and depending on the store, even oils, butters, etc. Hopefully you live in an area that has a good selection of bulk food shops.

Storing dry pantry food items (bought from bulk) in clear containers is an excellent way to quickly take inventory of what you have in your cupboards while creating a cohesive look (if you care about that). Buying bulk is also great because you only buy what you need.

Note: If you already own plastic containers, continue using them. There's no need to throw them out just because they're... dreaded word... plastic. The point is to not buy new plastic where it's needed.  

TIP: If bringing a bunch of jars and containers to a bulk food shop sounds like a pain, bring them in a box for easy transferring.


There are some great cotton produce bags out there (including ours at eco+amour). With a few of these on hand, you won't need to use the plastic ones from the store. And, remember, not every single produce item needs to be bagged.


Oh, baggies. Yeah, you know, the ones with the brand name that start with a Z. We've used them since childhood and they're so handy. But, they are horrible for the environment. Now you can actually get reusable silicone bags in whatever size you need.


Many of you have probably already made the switch to beeswax wrap, but if not, now's the time.

There are so many great tips and product suggestions out there. What have we missed? What are your recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

Julianne Robicheau

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