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Repurposing is Fun | Check Out These Ideas

If you're reading this post, chances are you already think twice before pitching something in the recycling bin (and you've probably already repurposed a bunch of things!). It's fun and easy to reuse items, especially glass bottles and jars. Here's a snapshot of a few thrift finds and DIY projects I've done in the past few years. Read below for more info.

I painted that first tomato jar white with the plan to use it as a vase. A couple Thanksgivings ago, I needed to add to my centrepiece so I went outside and found some dry grass. I've kept it that way since and it still fits with my decor.

Whether you hit up Value Village or indie thrift shops, you're sure to find some treasures now and again. I liked this simple grey planter because it goes with my colour palette. I already had these artificial (I know, *gasp*) flowers so I just stuck them in and, voilà, insta decor.

The marble holder was a super find, imo, as it's legit marble, sturdy and perfect alongside my bottles of oils and vinegars on the countertop.

I am not the best plant-carer. I only have two plants that are thriving at the moment and one is a pothos (if you know anything about plants you know this is THE plant for people like me... people who just can't figure out how to keep plants alive). So, I have this beautiful pothos hanging near a window and every once in a while I trim it and save the clippings. I put some in this repurposed glass tomato sauce bottle with beach glass I've collected the last couple summers (best beach hobby!). Note: I was surprised to find out pothos can keep in just water, no soil required. Whaaa?

What are some of your favourite repurposed DIYs?

Julianne Robicheau

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