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Solid Dish Soap | eco+amour


eco+amour solid dish soap makes a great sink side companion for easy dish cleaning! With suds tough enough to cut stubborn grease and baked on food - these  powerful bars even work on laundry and carpet stains.

Made with olive and coconut oils and lightly scented with grapefruit + orange essential oils. 

Each bar is about 3x3x2" and approximately 9oz. Bag + brush not included

Does not include the natural pot brush (but works well with it!)

Tip: Keep your bar dry between used to prolong the life of the bar

Note: colour of bar may vary from light cream, to deeper yellow hue based on the natural variation of different batches oil. 

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Saponified Olive Oil (Sodium Olivate), Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), d-Limonene, Sweet Orange oil (Citrus sinensis), Grapefruit oil (Citrus paradisi).


Solid Dish Soap | eco+amour