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Dryer Balls (4 pack) | eco+amour

Handmade with 100% Canadian Wool, eco+amour wool dryer balls are the natural alternative to dryer sheets and chemical based fabric softeners. Incredibly safe and gentle on sensitive skin, wool dryer balls do not harbour bacteria, making them a great choice for your natural fibres, including cloth diapers and towels.

  • Helps to decrease drying time by increasing the tumble factor 
  • Decrease wrinkles and static in natural fibres
  • Looking to add a bit of scent? Just add few drops of your favourite essential oil to each dryer balls and you're good to go.

Set Includes: 4 Handmade Canadian wool dryer balls and a cotton storage bag. Individual ball colour may vary - all colours are within a neutral palette. 

+ Place all four balls in the dryer with your clothes, and start the cycle on the desired heat level
+ The wool dryer balls work best with natural fibres so make sure to hang those synthetic fibres!
+ To customize your laundry scent, add a few drops of essential oil to each ball
+ Always store the wool dryer balls in a well-ventilated area inside of the storage bag (we throw one in with every purchase).
+ When the balls begin to pill, it means they’re working! Once they become dense and firm, it’s time for a new set.

Dryer Balls (4 pack) | eco+amour