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Pilling Remover | eco+amour

Pesky pilling... say no more! A simple pilling remover is the easiest way to keep your wool+cashmere+knit garments looking fresh.

What is pilling?

As you wear certain garments, the loose fibres tangle up with friction, knotting into little "pills" which can build up and make your garment look worn out. This pilling can be removed by hand, but when there are hundreds of pilling knots, is by hand the way to go? 

The solution to pilling, a few swipes of the pilling remover will clean the garment without damage, picking up the pills and lint trapped within the loose fibres. Removing the pilling from your garment will also soften it, and caring for your garment like this can increase its longevity. 

How-To: Before first time use on a garment, spot test on a small inconspicuous area. Start with gentle and short strokes following one direction, apply more pressure as needed, as more pilling is removed transition to broader strokes. Clean the pilling from the mesh after use.

Key Tip: The looser the knit, the more gentle the combing. Tighter knits may need more pressure to effectively remove pilling. 

Composition: Wood Body/Handle, Steel Mesh

Pilling Remover | eco+amour