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Powder Face Mask, Green Clay | eco+amour


A luxurious treat for your skin, designed to treat normal and combination skin types.

Pour the powder mask into a bowl or into your palm and mix with enough water to create a paste. Apply to your face with a mask brush or your finger tips and rinse when it begins to dry and feel tight. 

TIP: Customize your mask by using a different base when mixing your powder. Here are some of our favourites: Hydrosol, oil, yogurt, honey, Aloe Juice or water. 

Ingredients: Green Clay - Illite, Cucumber extract - Cucumis sativus, Olive extract - Olea europaea, Spirilina - Spirulina Platensis

Return the jar to eco+amour for a $2 return deposit, or refill it in-store or online. 

Powder Face Mask, Green Clay | eco+amour