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Floss+Bamboo Case | eco+amour


Compliment your bamboo toothbrush and holder with a bamboo floss case. Simple and small, it fits seamlessly into any bathroom set up, and looks exceptional when paired with the full bamboo dental care line. 

The perfect eco-friendly flossing solution, cornstarch floss in a bamboo case ensures a minimal waste option to standard floss. 

Keep case dry to extend its life, additionally the case can be treated with food grade oil every 2-3 weeks to have it last longer. 

Disposal: Floss and bamboo container are both compostable. Remove metal cutting tip from case to compost. Typically takes 5-10 months to decompose. 

Packaging: 100% recyclable.

Case: Bamboo with Metal Cutting Tip

Floss: Cornstarch Based

Floss+Bamboo Case | eco+amour