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About Us

At eco+amour, we believe that if everyone were to make a few small changes to the way they shop - what a difference we could make.  

It’s estimated that the global cosmetics industry creates 120 billion units of packaging per year and in Canada, less than 11 percent of all plastics are recycled. These are insanely frightening stats, and we wanted to contribute to a solution that most people will find easy to incorporate into their daily lives. 

eco+amour is one of the first zero-waste refills stores in the GTA to focus on beauty and personal care items. We carry many local brands as well as have a full product line, from soaps, shampoos, detergents and deodorants, all made in-house at our Muskoka location. 

Bulk refill is always great from a zero-waste perspective, but it’s also incredibly important to ensure that what you’re refilling is natural and gentle. We take great pride in ensuring that all of the brands we feature in the store are truly green and that their corporate ethos is in line with that of ours. 

We've partnered with some of the coolest eco-conscious brands to offer shoppers in the GTA and beyond a sustainable, refillable beauty, personal care and home care shopping experience. 

By reusing bottles and jars that would otherwise be thrown in the bin, our customers are contributing to the solution.

Change is happening. 

In order to connect and provide access to our products to as many people as we can, we have various locations where customers can visit the store to refill or shop our products. 

Follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the shop! 

Refill today for a cleaner tomorrow. 
- Sarah and Laura