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Diatomaceous Earth Coaster / Soap Plate | eco+amour


Whether its for resting drinks or resting soap, diatomaceous earth coasters/plates are exactly what you need.

Available in both white and black, these cute pieces go well with any decor. Diatomaceous earth is extremely absorbent, protect your furniture or extend the life of your soap bars by keeping everything dry. 

Great for hand soaps by your sink, body soap in the shower or bath, and solid dish bars in the kitchen.

To stick your soap to the plate, throughly wet the plate and one side of the soap, place both wet surfaces together with a slight squeeze, leave to dry. 

Dimensions: 10cm X 10cm

Soap not included, each order comes with one diatomaceous earth coaster / soap plate of your choosing. 

Diatomaceous Earth Coaster / Soap Plate | eco+amour