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Gemstone Glass Water Bottle | eco+amour


Meet your new favourite water bottle!

Infuse your water with the charge of your favourite gemstone. Unscrew the bottom and add your personal mix of stones. To start your journey in gemstone-charged water, choose between amethyst, obsidian and rose quartz.

500 mL glass + stainless steel bottle with screw top. Comes with a black protective sleeve. Only for cold drinks- water is recommended.


Choose between:

AMETHYST is calming, encourages clarity + builds wisdom.

OBSIDIAN is grounding + clears the aura of negative energy. 

ROSE QUARTZ is the gemstone of love. Heals emotional wounds + opens the heart.



Fill your bottle with water and drink up. You can also wait until the gemstones charge your water and use this time to meditate and set an intention for the day. 



Gently hand wash.

Gemstone Glass Water Bottle | eco+amour