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Gua Sha | eco+amour


Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine/healing practice that has been used for centuries, but has recently gained popularity because of simplicity and wide range of benefits. Gua sha can be used alongside a facial roller, or on its own. By incorporating gua sha into your skin care regime, you can reduce puffiness, improve firmness+elasticity, relieve tension, and contour for face+jaw+neck.

How to Use: Using light pressure, for the eyes work inside out, for the temples work upwards, for the jaw and neck work upwards, for the back work downwards, for the legs work upwards. If redness appears, use less pressure.

Care Instructions: With a gentle soap, wash well after use. Dry and store.

Product Composition: Rose Quartz

Product Dimensions: 4" long X 1"-2" wide

Gua Sha | eco+amour