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Laundry Soap Flakes, Stain Lifting | eco+amour


Tough on dirt and grease, great for removing stains, and stripping built-up detergent and oils within clothing fibres. Made from the shavings of our stain sticks, once dissolved, these flakes can be used with cold water so you don't have to worry about dyes leaching from your clothing. 

Cleaning Tips: 

Simply measure out your flakes and mix with hot water (near boiling water works best) for an effective natural cleaning solution. Once all the flakes are dissolved in the hot water, you can dilute the solution as much or as little as you like, or add it to cold water. 

You can add the solution to a foaming bottle to target stuck-on stains. Try it out in a tub or a bucket to cold soak laundry and lift dirt and oils. Add the solution directly onto clothes in your washer with your regular laundry soap and set a prewash cycle to get extra dirty articles fresh and clean. 


Available Formats:

  • Packaged in a 1L refillable mason jar | Size: 1L ≈ 500g
  • Packaged in a paper bag with a stainless steel clip | Size: 1L ≈ 500g

Usage Guide:

  • Stain Foam - 1.5 tbsp/litre (recommended for newer stains)
  • Light Cold Soak - 2.5 tbsp/litre (recommended for lightweight or lightly soiled/stained fabrics)
  • Regular Cold Soak - 3.0 tbsp/litre (recommended for most fabrics, moderately soiled/stained fabrics)
  • Strong Cold Soak - 3.5 tbsp/litre (recommended denser/tightly woven fabrics, or moderate to heavily soiled/stained fabrics)
  • Prewash Cycle  - 1.0 tbsp/litre (recommended for light to moderately soiled laundry, a faster alternative to a cold soak)


• Store away from direct sunlight, between 15°C - 30°C. 


• Biodegradable
• Phosphate free
Does not contain sodium laurel, lauryl, or laureth sulphate
• No synthetic fragrance

Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil), Cocos nucifera (Coconut Oil), Sodium Tetraborate, D-Limonene

Made in Canada.

Laundry Soap Flakes, Stain Lifting | eco+amour