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Dish Soap Flakes, Multi-Purpose Cleaning | eco+amour


Tough on dirt and grease, great for washing dishes, mopping, or as a natural insecticide. 

Simply measure out your flakes and mix with hot water (near boiling water works best) for an effective natural cleaning solution.



  • Add the solution to a foaming bottle to pre-wash dishes for stuck on foods, or add to your sink water to help lift grease as dishes soak.
  • Get floors squeaky clean and also great for spot cleaning
  • Get a spray bottle and use the solution as a natural insecticide, repel insects without any environmental harm. 


Packaging Options: 

  • Packaged in a 1L refillable mason jar  | Size: 1L ≈ 500g 
  • Packaged in a paper bag with a stainless steel clip  |  Size: 1L ≈ 500g
  • Option to add a foamer bottle (+$4)


Solution Guide: 

  • Light - 1.5 tbsp/litre (recommended for counters, walls, spot cleaning)
  • Regular - 2.5 tbsp/litre (recommended for pre-wash dish foam)
  • Strong - 3.0 tbsp/litre (recommended for sink to soak greasy dishes)
  • Extra Strong - 3.5 tbsp/litre (recommended for mop buckets)
  • Insecticide - 1.0 tbsp/litre (indoor or outdoor use)



Store away from direct sunlight, between 15°C - 30°C. 



• Biodegradable
• No synthetic fragrance

• Does not contain sodium laurel, lauryl, or laureth sulphate
• No synthetic fragrance

Ingredients: Water, Saponified Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, d-Limonene, Organic Essential Oils of Sweet Orange and Grapefruit.

Made in Canada.

Dish Soap Flakes, Multi-Purpose Cleaning | eco+amour