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Cheeks Ahoy

Zero Waste Starter Set | Cheeks Ahoy


Unpaper your life + sweet gift idea!

A great way to get started, this zero waste starter set Includes facial rounds, cloth wipes & unpaper towels.

Handmade in Peterborough, Ontario

Note: Colours and patters vary within the selected colour pallet. 

This Set Includes:

  • 2 Single Ply Unpaper Towels
  • 1 Double Ply Unpaper Towel
  • 6 Cloth Wipes
  • 4 Facial Rounds

Perfect for:

  • wiping messy hands and faces after meals
  • spill clean-up
  • washing and drying dishes
  • meal time napkins
  • splatter shield in the microwave
  • lint-free cleaning and dusting

Perfect for:

  • runny noses (no more red noses!)
  • bath-time
  • toilet paper
  • napkins, kids lunch boxes
  • camping
  • removing make-up

Perfect for:

  • removing make-up
  • applying toner
  • to wash and exfoliate the face

Zero Waste Starter Set | Cheeks Ahoy